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WFMW: the Birthday Edition May 2, 2007

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For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I made a photo poster with some memorable pictures throughout the year.  I used scrapbooking photo corners to keep the pictures safe and removeable.  I decorated it with stickers and colored her name with sharpies, and I hung it on the wall right behind the present table where everyone could see it.  After the party, I took it down and put the photos safely back where they belonged. 

Birthday Parties are waaaay too busy to pull out the photo album for people who you don’t see often, and this is a great way to show them how much baby has grown!  Would also work for older children, siblings, spouse (baby pics, school pics, graduation pics),etc….

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image of the very bad scan of the picture of the poster.  :o)


Check out Rocks In My Dryer WFMW: the Birthday Edition for lots of great ideas!


One Response to “WFMW: the Birthday Edition”

  1. jennyr Says:

    ohh cute idea! very nice! thanks for sharing!

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