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I hate Paypal… May 2, 2007

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with a passion.  While it is oh-so-convenient to buy and sell on eBay (necessary even), it is absolutely annoying sometimes.  Frusterating and aggrivating.  Loathesome and putrid.  I think I’ve conveyed my disgust.

I just moved in March from Louisiana to Alabama and had to open a new bank account with an entirely new bank.  Since South Louisiana is a whole different culture and completely unrelated to the rest of the United States, it makes perfect sense that the banks they have down there, they do not have here in average-ville Alabama.  They have normal banks here…..with normal names…..whose catchphrases are not “Ayeeee!”.

So, in keeping with the situation, I decided to open a new Paypal account…..with above referenced new bank account at said new bank.  I did all the required things…confirmed my address, confirmed my bank account, and even confirmed my new telephone.  After getting everything squared away there, I bought a couple of things on eBay and paid for them using my new Paypal account.  Fine.  So, I listed some items for sale on eBay.  Things went well, my items sold, my buyers all paid with Paypal in a timely manner.  Great. 

Except Paypal RESTRICTED my account.  Apparantly, since I’ve moved and opened up a new bank account with a new bank, I’m stealing my own identity.  I can’t get my funds out.  I can’t pay for an item that I just won.  And I certainly can’t use Paypal shipping to ship the items I sold.  Not until I have faxed them my license, a bank statement from the new bank, and a utility bill. 

The utilities are in my husband’s name.  All of them.   I will go postal on somebody if that turns out to be a problem.   And don’t even get me started on trying to get an Alabama license if you have moved here from out-of-state…..that’s a whole nother story for a whole nother day.

Then, have to give them the tracking numbers of the packages I’m sending to my recent buyers.  Except I can’t use Paypal shipping.  And after that, they have to check my credit.  Except all my credit is in Louisiana, with Louisiana lendors, and Louisiana addresses.  Not to mention, my credit is not so hot at this point in my life, bordering on embarrassing, and shouldn’t be viewed by anyone other than myself or God. 

But then maybe, just maybe, I can prove that I am me……not somebody trying to be me (although I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that strive daily for that goal <snort>)….but just me.  That moved.  People move everyday.   People with Paypal accounts move.  People with bad credit move.  People who just want to make a few bucks selling on eBay move.  People JUST MOVE!

I need gas in my van, Paypal people.  You don’t get gas with  driver’s licenses, credit checks, tracking numbers, and utility bills that may take 7-10 days to confirm……and for some reason I’m not getting it on my just woke up and need caffiene astonishing looks, either!


My 4-Yr Old Doesn’t Need Me (or Dora) Anymore….

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It’s official.  I’ve been cast aside.  C goes to preschool 3 days a week…this apparantly isn’t good enough for her.  She now wants to go everyday.  When she asked to go on her last day off:

Me:  “Not today….you can go tomorrow.”

 C:  “No, mama!  I want to go to pwe-K today!” 

Me:  <sniff sniff fake cry> “But we’re going to stay home together today….just the two of us!”

C:  <patting my arm ever so softly> “It’s ok mama……I still love you…………..I jus’ don’t wanna spend time wif you.”

When did she get to be a big girl?  She is supposed to stay small forever and ever and always need her mama! 

She has also decided that she doesn’t like Dora anymore; I can have all of her Dora stuff “to give to little kids with no Dora toys”.  She has been the biggest Dora fan since she was old enough to walk and talk!  I remember having Dora cloth diapers on her little behind!  I remember how excited she was to get each and every one of her Dora items.  I remember months of having to wash the Dora pajamas daily so she could wear them every night.  I remember her asking for a Dora party for 3 years in a row.

 Here is a pic of her watching Dora:


Why can’t they just stay little?!


Mother’s Day Giveaway! May 1, 2007

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