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My 4-Yr Old Doesn’t Need Me (or Dora) Anymore…. May 2, 2007

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It’s official.  I’ve been cast aside.  C goes to preschool 3 days a week…this apparantly isn’t good enough for her.  She now wants to go everyday.  When she asked to go on her last day off:

Me:  “Not today….you can go tomorrow.”

 C:  “No, mama!  I want to go to pwe-K today!” 

Me:  <sniff sniff fake cry> “But we’re going to stay home together today….just the two of us!”

C:  <patting my arm ever so softly> “It’s ok mama……I still love you…………..I jus’ don’t wanna spend time wif you.”

When did she get to be a big girl?  She is supposed to stay small forever and ever and always need her mama! 

She has also decided that she doesn’t like Dora anymore; I can have all of her Dora stuff “to give to little kids with no Dora toys”.  She has been the biggest Dora fan since she was old enough to walk and talk!  I remember having Dora cloth diapers on her little behind!  I remember how excited she was to get each and every one of her Dora items.  I remember months of having to wash the Dora pajamas daily so she could wear them every night.  I remember her asking for a Dora party for 3 years in a row.

 Here is a pic of her watching Dora:


Why can’t they just stay little?!